Analog Heat as Master FX on mixer

Would it be possible to send master output of mixer into Analog Heat and straight from Analog heat into monitors? Seems easier than having to deal with aux sends and returns and all that jazz.

I have Mixer > Heat > Interface > Monitors. I can’t think of a reason you couldn’t just skip the interface.

I use TS to RCA cables. I guess it just depends on what cables you need for the monitors.



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A mixer with master inserts facilitates that. Bonus : you get correct output level monitoring and gain setting with the master fader.


@dtr Could you elaborate on this a bit? I’m still a bit of a mixer noob I suppose, so I don’t quite understand what you mean.

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So some mixers have inserts for FX either on each channel or the master or both. The inserts allow you to connect effects directly to the channel or master (via a Y cable), so putting the heat on the master insert would essentially make it the last part of the chain going out of the mixer.
They look like this (on my mixer at least)…

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@Fin25 Gotcha, thanks. But I do have a question about the L and R insert via a Y cable. Would that allow the AH to be stereo, or would it be mono?

You have an insert for L and R separately. Think of the Y cable not as left and right but in and out, the TRS bit of the Y cable going into the mixer with the two TS ends going in and out of the heat. One cable for the left, one for the right.

basically… the insert point allows you to attach a Y cable and feed it to an efx unit’s in/out jacks, in order to get both a send and return with one jack on the mixer.

so… here you have Left and Right channels. you need two Y cables. each cable is known as TRS (tip, ring, sleeve). each would go into one of the mixer’s insert points. the other ends of one Y cable (to TS ends) would go to the AH Left In and Out. likewise, the other ends of the other Y cable would go to the AH Right In and Out. you’re sending and receiving to and from the AH on both channels. but with two Y (TRS -> 2xTS) cables and two jacks on the mixer, versus four TS cables and four jacks on the mixer. make sense?

@Fin25 explained it well. but I know it’s a confusing thing. so thought I’d elaborate further…