Analog Heat as Synthesizer

Hi I’m wondering if anyone has used the cv inputs on the AH to control the frequency of the filter with a keyboard.
Basically, I want to know if anyone is turning their resonance up to use the analog heat as a synthesizer


I have done this through midi p-locking with the Digitakt. Cool stuff! The heat basically is a synth voice minus the osc!


I have A4 and OT and I hope to have AH soon.
I think I’d control it with OT’s midi tracks. Eventually use expression pedal while playing guitar.
How do you midi control trig, enveloppe with DT, and what common synth parameters can you control ?

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Honestly, I haven’t spent too much time experimenting, but I used trigless locks on the DT to p-lock the AH filter cutoff with the resonance cranked and a click sample from the DT to ping the filter. I have some other ideas on how to control the envelope. One of the destinations is preset volume so, in theory you could use the envelope in traditional way. With an OT, you’ll be able to use it in even cooler ways with the cue outs!


In the APPENDIX A: MIDI I can’t find midi CC that would trigger envelope or lfo.
Audio level with threshold is the only way to trigger them ?
Feature request if we can’t trigger with midi !

btw. using heat as a synth. you could also use heat on its own - without any input. start with setting resonance to maximum and than use the lfo to modulate the cutoff frequency of the filter. depending on the shape, speed and depth of the lfo and the cutoff you will get some intresting fm-ish spectra.

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I discovered this last week.
I found that using CC’s instead of NRPN’s is preferable, as the 1-127 of the CC roughly correlates to Note #'s 1-127.

cool idea. have you found a way to make it tuning stable? so that it resonates at the right frequency for a given note? without filter keytracking this could become very tedious …

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Yeah, that’s the issue with actually playing it meaningfully and in tune. I just use it for cool sounding cosmic stuff vs thought out melodies. Would be really cool if they could add midi/CV pitch tracking somehow!

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please give this a try

These videos don’t show kbd tracking on the heats filter