Analog Heat, how to control master level

Hello, guys.
During the live set I want to use Analog Heat, but not always, just periodically. As I see it increases volume very often.
Question is how to manage it, because in real performance this kind of overloading can make problems on the stage.
For example is using some compressor or other devices after Analog Heat .

Thanks for any suggestions.

I actually found that adding an Anslog Heat in the chain was decreasing the volume, as you have to adjust input sensitivity and you don’t have any gain compensation on the output…
So test it carefully before going on stage.

A limiter could be what you’re looking for but I’m not really fond of it.
Best practice imo would be to adjust level compared to dry signal and create presets beforehand, and avoid raising the volume during your live session.

Do your own presets and adjust levels powered carefully before taking the heat on stage. Tell the FOH guy to put a limiter on your output for safety.

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