Analog Heat Logic Pro VST plugin saying "No device selected!" and AH not showing up in drop down menu

The analog heat is powered on, in overbridge usb mode, connected via usb to my Macbook Pro 2020. I have installed the latest overbridge software and am running it on logic pro. I have the analog heat plugin mounted to a software track in the audio fx plugin section. However when i open up the plugin interface, the AH does not show up in the device drop down menu. What step am I missing here?

I had something similar on my mac last week. I had to go into to the security settings on my Mac and had to click something like “allow overbridge to start engine”. Don’t remember exactly, but I can check later today. It was pretty obvious though when I opened the security settings.

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That was it! I opened up system preferences -> security and privacy -> clicked lock to make changes -> Allow overbridge

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Thanks @Jedilicious!

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Happy to help!