Analog heat losing input with usb connection

Hello everyone,
I am running Analog Heat via Overbridge in Ableton (MacOs Catalina 10.15.7). While I am working Heat/Overbridge randomly display no input/no output. The USB connectivity seems to be not lost cause in Ableton setting the Heat is displayed. The only way to let Heat working again is to disconnect from usb 3 (MacBook Pro 2019) and connect again. I tried to connect to different usb port. It looks like the problem is more evident if I try to change parameters directly using Heat knobs instead fo Overbridge. At the beginning I thought it could be the Hub, now I am connected directly to usb port (cable USB B to USB C). Is there any changes I can make in routing? I changed Analog IN/OUT from Auto to IN+OUT, same problem. Any advice?
Thank you