Analog Heat MKII - LFO Mode Bug?

Quick question:

Can anyone “trigger the envelope generator manually” on the Analog Heat MKII?

I’m trying to trigger the EG manually as stated on PG.27 in the manual, but I’m finding that the key combination doesn’t work.

“Press [YES] + [ENV] to trigger the envelope generator manually.”

My goal is make “The LFO run continuously, but restart on the event of an envelope trig.”

There’s a setting in the LFO page called MODE - this is where you can select this behavior of the LFO.

The thing is, the LFO never restarts in the event of an envelope trig.

I’m sending the Heat MKII on OS1.20 many envelope trigs using the footpedal setting and the LFO never restarts. I am also triggering the envelope generator using the envelope follower and it won’t restart either.

Can anyone confirm if this is a known bug?

Bug 1: You cannot trigger the envelope generator manually.

Bug 2: TRIG LFO does not exist.

Nope. On 1.20 and everything works fine. To be honest I didn’t knew the yes-env manual trigger option but it works. LFO has to be on a triggered mode but that’s all to get it work.

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Thanks for the reply.

I may have a defective unit then, because I cannot get the LFO to restart at all - it’s as if permanently on Free Mode.

I’ll give it a few more tries before confirming it’s buggy - I’ve been at it for a few hours now.

Not sure if I should update it to the most recent OS, since 1.20 is said to be the most stable with OB; but I’ll try updating as a last resort.

Any advice on getting it to work, from a blank patch, would be great!

On my device, i can just press and hold yes while hitting ENV and each time i do that there appears a little trigger signal in the top right yellow bar. You don’t? If that’s continues on then the lfo won’t retrigger

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Thanks for the detail on the little icon.

I guess when I was having my first real go on it yesterday, I didn’t really notice that icon.

Just today though, I discovered what the icon actually meant. And after a few minutes of jamming out at 100% functionality (no issues w/ manual triggering), the icon would freeze out of nowhere - and neither a manual trigger, nor CV trigger would retrig the envelope.

A restart seems to clear it, but something is off here - not sure if it’s my signal path or the unit itself.

Will do more testing soon…

I hope it works fine. Thumbs up your trigger threshold in env screen is set to low so it holds te trigger due to the signal. If you want to trigger manual or external you need to raise the triggerthreshold up (127) . You probably knew this but if not…