Analog Heat mutes everything as vst

I’m trying to use AH v1.20 en Ableton Live as a VSt for processing an internal track. When I activate the vst, all sounds get muted. If I deactivate it, sound returns. I’ve tried it in Master and an Aux track. I use Ableton Lite 10, Catalina 10.15.5 and Overbridge 2.0. 256 buffer size. I’ve tried using AH as soundcard and also the internal macbook pro soundcard. Some time ago, with other versions I recall I got this to work. Please advise, thanks!

Are you putting it on more than one source at a time?

No, just one

Have you got them all as agregate devices? It works for me when I only use my primary interfaces vs elektrons

What do you mean by that?

Don’t run heat as an interface at the same time trying to affect audio. At least for me it works that way.