Analog Heat : routings and recording question (LONG post)

Hello Dear Elektronauts !!

So , really recently , ive just got really lucky and got a used Analog Heat mkII almost mint at a great price

It’s been MOUNTH that i was looking to get one

Since then , I was already using the Analog Drive into my Polyend Medusa , and piloting it by midi with my Digitakt , so far so great

But the Analog Heat was really interesting for me (mono to stéréo, enveloppe follower, lfo , etc etc) but , i still have several question , especially in how i can plug it into my setup

Inb4 : it’s going to be a really long post !! Be aware !!

Tl;dr : how should i plug the AH to my setup to be able to USE IT and RECORD IT in my mixer at the same time ?

Long Story :

Actually , im using a good old Behringer UFX Xenyx 1204 (because i got it cheap , and the multitrack recording over usb was really great for me)

Im using in this order
Line 1 : Polyend&Dreadbox Medusa (who is connected into a Analog Drive)
Line 2 : Arturia Microfreak
Stereo Channel 1 : Digitakt
Stereo Channel 2 : Return Fx of my Audiothingies Doctor A (reverb/delay)
Stereo Channel 3 : Return of my Sonuobuono nABC

Aux sub-group : feeding either my medusa or the microfreak into the nABC for ducking effect

Aux 1 : send for my doctor A

Actually , my behringer is dying , so i’ve decided to change it for an Keith Mcmillen K-Mix (because multitracking , smaller footprint , etc etc) , and , like i mentionned before, ive found a great deal for an analog heat mk2

Aaaaaaaand… im kinda lost in how i must plug everything now …

Should i put the Analog Heat after the master output ? Should i use it as a send effect ?? Should i plug only my synth on it ?? Should i plug in after or before my nABC ?? So many possibilities and question :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

So , if anyone can help me a bit , i would really appreciate this :smiley: (especially if you are a K-Mix users , it’s seems to be really versatile and complex at the same time)

Thx for your patience (and reading)

Ive used my Heat in a couple of different ways depending on my setup. I used it as an external effects in Cubase with dedicated inputs and outputs from my audio interface. Worked good enough.

But after i got a mixer i have it connected to a group bus. So i can either route my whole mix through it, or independent parts. I find this the smoothest as i have a good amount of flexibility. I also use it with overbridge sometimes too if im finalizing a mix.

I would have it before the compressor. I love how the dynamics of a track affects the saturation of the Heat. And i wouldnt want to loose that.