Analog Heat with bass guitar


I need some help to understand the possibilities I can get from the Analog Heat. Some Bass guitar players are using the Moog MF 101 low pass filter with an expression pedal to create „Wah Wah“ like modulation of their tone.
I have recognised that the Analog Heat has also a low pass filter. So is it possible to effect the cutoff frequency of the filter with an expression pedal to achieve the same functionality as with the MF 101? My bass guitar amp doesn´t have an effect loop, so do you think it is possible to use the Analog heat the way: Bass -> Analog Heat -> Amp? Or is the output of a passive Jazz Bass to low for the input of the Analog Heat.

Thank you for any advice!

I don’t have a Heat but i’d bet my house doing the expression pedal thing is trivial

You’d best use something to get the jazz bass into the right signal pre heat though
This as a starter may be more colouring than just getting the right signal level out though

Not sure on the wisdom of a primarily mono source for a an explicitly stereo fx box, but obviously there are other ways to use it and it may fit well, maybe the analog drive is more appropriate


it is possible to do that. Cenk spoke about exactly this in his presentation of the Heat at Sonic State. Because Nick had the same question :slight_smile:

Check it out:

If your Input is too low you can also adjust the Input Sensitivity in 4 Stages (Low, Med, High, Max). Max should then be sufficient for a Guitar i guess. I have mine on Med, but i’m using Synths. Its a very high Input Level on Med in that case. If i select High im already peaking at the Inputs.

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I just tried it with a passive Yamaha bass and pedal and it worked fine - though you have to set it up first in the Heat’s Settings>Control In A and assign it in the Modulations menus. I wasn’t running it into an amp, though, just my mixer. Sounded good though, especially the bandpass filter with lots of distortion and drive. Very psychedelic!


I’ve been running my bass through the A4 for some extra fx before being annihilated by the heat. Setting the envelope follower to open the filter/boost resonance can get some funky results! Really loving the round fuzz for stoner rock heavy distortion sounds.

Thanks you mates for your fast responses! Glad to hear that the Heat will work for me.

@Avantronica: I already recognised that the Heat is buit as a stereo fx unit. But I´m searching for a solution that will work fine with my bass gear and my elektron boxes.
@Scot_Solida: Thank you fort he details how to set up the unit fort he use with an expression pedal.
@VanillaSun: Yeah, I´m looking for some great funk style tones!
@umonox: I´m especially anxious about the use oft he Heat before the tone sculpting preamp. I hope that it will work fine because I don`t want to buy a new amp only because of the need for a effect loop.
I´m going to save some bucks now…

im not a guitar player so i can only repeat what they said in the video. it should be possible and when i take into consideration how loud the input with my synths is when i set it to high (not even to max, which is even louder) i can imagine that this works. but then again, dont take my word for it :slight_smile: best bet would be you move to your local dealer and try it out. here in germany we have dealers which let you do that.

Does it work out of a di?

Hi everyone,

I just made a video about using the Analog Heat as a guitar player. It could be useful for bass players too as I’m doing a lot of bass lines with it and it’ll give you an idea of the range of sounds available:


I can make a bass one too if there’s enough interest!