Analog Keys+2 external transport control


As the title reveals I am trying to achieve this magical setup with Analog Keys being the main machine and the slaves are Korg electribe 2 and a Korg volca FM. Have tried different combos in the setup where I first connected:
Keys Midi out >
Electribe Midi in
Keys Midi thru >
Volca FM Midi in

The Electribe starts when I press play on the Keys but FM doesn’t.

Next setup was:

Keys Midi out >
Electribe Midi in
Electribe Midi out >
Volca FM Midi in

Non of these setups makes me able to start all three machines when pressing play on Keys.
What happens is that Keys starts and the second machine in the connection but not the third.

What am I doing wrong?

Are you sure you have all your other gear set to receive clock and start? (You’ll want to stick with thru out of the gear)

Well, when I was writing this post I realized that I haven’t touched any settings on the Volca FM but on the other hand if I connect that one from Keys Midi out port then it starts when I press play, same with the electribe.

You cannot use keys out and thru as well as keys being master. Thru is for passing midi from another device upstream. Either your electribe needs to support thru, or you get a midi thru box. As a stop gap measure you could use electribe out to keys in, keys thru to volca in. This will mean your electribe is master.


Ahhh, thank you for that response. I’m not so familiar with midi in/out/thru and especially when connecting several devices but after reading here on the forum I started thinking if I need to buy one of these midi boxes but not being sure if I needed to.

And for that Electribe as master solution I was thinking in those terms yesterday when connecting all the devices together but then my time ran out. I will definitely try that because if it works then no Midi box is needed for now.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Another solution would be to connect AK midi out to Electribe midi in. Then using a mini-jack cable use KORG’s proprietary sync to sync the volca to the electribe, instead of midi (electribe out-volca in)


I actually tried that but on the other hand I still kept the midi cable connected at the same time. Maybe I should have unplugged the midi cable and just try with the sync cable? Now I have two good ideas to try out. Learning, learning. :slight_smile:

It might be that while the playback is synced, using korg-sync, the start-stop isn’t. Solution would be to manually start the volca.

Yes I guess but for some reason it feels important to me that everything starts playing when I press play on one of the machines. I will try these different solutions when I come home this evening and I’ll keep you guys updated. :slight_smile:

Check the theory first!
Midi-in - receives messages
Midi-out - sends messages
Midi-thru - sends messages received into midi-in ONLY

Check your hardware!

You should start from the device which has midi-out, after that connect it to midi-in of middle device, which transfer via midi-thru to midi-in of third device.


Yes I will, that is also what +Cosmic suggested earlier in the thread.
That is a good overview of how midi works. The part I was kind of struggling with was midi thru but it’s quite clear now.
I will tell you guys how it went when I come home this evening. :slight_smile:

The theory was correct, thank you guys/girls!
Electribe as master, Keys in the middle thru to Volca FM.
Solved! :smile: