Analog Keys: aftertouch data choppy, not recognised in Ableton Live

Hi all, i’m running the latest beta OS for my AK and have come across a problem with the AK’s aftertouch message not being readable by Live’s devices, nor even recordable into clips. The MIDI Monitor device shows MIDI data values received from the AK (it lists the AFT messages as i press down the keys)… BUT each message value is followed by a 0 (zero) value (see pic)


I compared this to Push 2’s own aftertouch (which works as expected when pushing down the pads) and MIDI Monitor shows a difference: there’s no zero after each message (see pic).


I’m guessing this difference is the reason why Aftertouch from the AK is not working with Live here. Could anyone verify this?


Ha, classic. Overbridge mode is on. Setting the AK to USB-MIDI only fixes the prob. :joy:

Although that means aftertouch can’t be recorded when using Overbridge. Is this some sort of tradeoff? Seems odd to me as all the other midi controller data records just fine – PB, MOD, BREATH, CCs etc.