Analog Keys Encoders jump to zero on their own?

Hi all, I’ve been using analog keys for a year now and have had this problem for quite a while. I usually sequence the synth via midi and often when I’m playing back a midi sequence on the synth and move one of the encoders at the same time (like adjusting the filter cutoff) the encoder value just goes to zero on its own. This happens only when I’m physically moving the encoder, not when the synth is just playing on its own. I couldn’t find anything about this by googling so I’m assuming it’s not a widespread issue. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

My setup is as follows:

Logic Pro X -> Behringer USB audio interface -> Analog keys (midi in & out). I’ve updated to the latest OS.

Simple : you actually have a cc emitted by something above the AK that is controlling the value you try to move with the physical button. Disable cc in. It will probably solve your issue.

More : Find what is emitting the cc ( odds are it is logic pro x ! ), filter it or change midi channels, stop emitting that particular cc.