Analog Keys here!

Received today ! A good gift for Xmas !

:+1: Enjoy!

It’s a beautiful instrument, amazing original synth sounds and sequencer !
I’m very happy !

Man, it’s so good!

I have a question for owners, regarding dimensions. On the specifications page on the Elektron webpage, it says the height of the Analog keys is 93mm (9.3cm). I was wondering if that’s with the height of the joystick included, or excluded.
I’m considering getting one, but i have no room for it on my desktop. However - i could manage to get\build a moving drawer or some kind of surface that can roll out and in, beneath my desk. But i need to know how high the AK actually is WITH the joystick.


height : 9,3 cm (joystick included) but if you remove the 4 pads under the synth you have 8,5 cm !

Hmmmm. Thanks!

how about construction/build quality? paint job looks good

Very good ! Great Quality, Solid like a tank !

Wooho! Congratulations! Just a question: Did you get any notification from Elektron in advance?