Analog keys new decksaver


All my prayers have been answered… well at least all the ones directed specifically to Decksavers.

Got the protective cover through from them today and it’s perfect.
Pretty much the same as the PL2 lid but for the AK (obviously).

Now it’s time to sticker bomb the eff out of it.

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Thanks for the pics, cant wait to get mine.

zZounds has them

Mine arrives Thursday :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I know the other analog machines now have the universal protective lid, but what about the AK? I can’t find any decksaver for it

Also, what do people recommend as a gig case for the AK?

I also like to know if there is a protection case or lid for the keys?
My keys has a place in the livingroom and the box that came with the keys does not look very nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is a nice site, Although nothing for the AK :frowning:

Let’s E-mail them and ask a cover for the AK!

There is one here, but it would be great if Elektron could sell it as well

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I own that Decksaver Analog Keys Cover. I am in the USA and it took a lot of shopping around online to find even -1- retailer in USA that had it in-stock, let alone listed as an option…oh, and Amazon had it listed but Sweetwater to date does not.
The cover as well as the “Underbridge” for the Analog Keys was a must-have for me. I have a rather large Maine Coon Cat-mix and although in 9+ years he has not once bothered my home set-up, every since I purchased the AK this time last year, my cat has had it in for the AK Joystick. Only the Joystick. That wonderful Joystick. Placing it on a higher tier was not an option because of the AK screen and layout and way I work, so imagine my joy when my Joystick will finally be protected from my loveable cat, who just wants to add some fang/breath control to the jams.

The polycarbonate material it’s made of rivals that of the PL2 (I have that on my A4 box). I also highly recommend “underbridge”. I like the keys and their action but I am a big user of creative modulation via generous use of aftertouch, and that key-travel downward without a lower dust cover directly below was disquieting to me, plus afraid inadvertent klutzy event on my part, damaging same.

(All potential AK Joystick damage had been thwarted by my intervention with my cat in time prior to getting this great Decksaver AK Cover, it’s not cheap, but looks damn sweet…now my cat stares at the Joystick through plastic like a kid in an old time candy shop)

Love your AK and get a cover and pet your cat.

The PL-2 is made by Decksaver, I’m certain, it has the same “MADE IN THE UK” legend as other Decksavers but with an Elektron logo added. The Decksaver cover for AK might as well be considered the official protective cover. If it’s hard to find it might be because it’s quite new, I think they only added the AK cover to their range a few months ago.