Analog Keys: No Midi Out on CH16?

I have an Analog Keys and if I set the Midi out to channel 16 nothing is output. I can change it to Midi 15 and I get a signal… same with every other Midi channel - just nothing on 16.

Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how to fix (I typically use 16 as an auto channel).



I set channel 16 to auto channel this week and it worked fine, via octatrack to boutiques.

Is “program change out” active on your ch16, or defaulted to auto out on ch16?
Idk, but does having prog change out on a ch prevent other midi messages going out? (I’ve never used more than 8 midi channels.)

Interesting. I’m super confused so much so that I did a Factory Reset. Still doesn’t send out on CH16 when in MIDI Ext mode. However, I can set OUTPUT CH to TRK CH and then set FX to 16 and that sends out MIDI on 16.

The other odd thing is - no matter what channel MIDI comes out of, it’s always being received (and played) by MIDI CH1 on my other devices.


Seems like it’s a problem - a reply from Elektron:


Thanks for the report. I can reproduce this and have notified our developers.



What OS version you using?

Latest - though it did this on a previous OS if I recall

I’m on an older version, will check when I get home.

I’m on 1.23b.

Hi there, my AK doesn’t send anything over ch 16 in external midi mode. I tried both DIN and USB ports. If I set the autochannel to 16 and set ext midi to auto it doesn’t work either. No external filtering is involved: I tested with direct connections to MidiOx. All other channels work. I’m out of ideas of where and what to look for. (Power cycling doesn’t help). In multimap mode I can send on ch 16 though. What am I missing? Thnx

EDIT: Sorry, I missed the existing topic, thanks for moving my post here

Yer seems to be a bug on newer OS firmware. Mine is doing it ok on older firmware.