Analog keys stops working as midi controller when launching a vst (arturia v collection) in ableton

Dear Elektronauts,

I have some problems configuring my AK as midi controller in ableton.
when i launch ableton and set a midi track it does respond when i hit keys on external midi mode but as soon as i drop a vst on it (in my case arturia v collection) the midi channel is not responding to anything i do anymore on my AK.

I have set midi mode to usb only, made sure that the knobs are sending cc etc but the only way i can get ableton to respond again is restart my pc and load the project without the vst.
Turning the AK on/off doesnt help and unplugging it neither, ableton doesnt even recognise the device anymore when i replug it.

Could this be a cable issue?

Has anyone else experienced issues like this?

from what ive read this function seems to work perfectly for most people so its kind of frustrating :confused:

Thx in advance!