Analog outs separation?

Analog Rytm separate outs to mixer to DAW. Can the RS and CP for example be separated somehow? I’m in Ableton BTW. Best I can think of is to double up a channel in my DAW and mute one instrument as the other plays. For live performance to a mixer seems there is no workaround. Not too big a deal unless you want to process something like the cymbal and the cowbell (which are in different frequency ranges) separately.

The rytm has 12 tracks but only 8 voices. The shared tracks are indicated by dashed lines between the pads and /'s on the individual outs. The pad on the right of the dashes has priority if both are triggered at the same time, this is sometimes called choking the other voice. I tend to program them so they don’t trig at the same time, but various results can be obtained between the tracks with chocking/muting…

Edit: so yeah, to get onto separate daw tracks you’d want to mute one and record separately, but if your tracks result in chocking like said above, you won’t get the same results and may want to record them to one track…

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Thanks for the reply.

Ah so essentially as I thought, mute an instrument and record separately and I guess in a live scenario and using external processing just note that the EQ, Comp, etc. is gonna affect those two instruments differently.

A stereo 1/4" jack to split mono 1/4" jacks. Then you plug the two mono ends into separate mixer channels and you’re good to go!

They’ll stick choke if there’s overlap but you can process them separately

Are not RS/CP on the ring and CY/CB on the tip?


Also if you have trigs on the pad of the left of the dashes that are on the same step as the pad on the right, those trigs won’t sound when both tracks are active but will if you mute the right. If you have trigs on the right they can choke the sound of the left, so if you mute the right, the left might sound a little different…

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Heh heh, read that three times and still not sure what that means. At any rate I suppose I can just record them separate just mute what I want kept out per record. Live is another situation because there will always be some overlap.

It is a bit confusing what I wrote but rather than me try to restate it I think you’ll notice eventually what I’m talking about… Cheers…
I am going to edit it slightly…

you could route only those tracks. say CH/OH to the main outputs, and pan them left and right.
but the choking will still happen if there are notes playing at the same time with that voice channel.


Yeah I thought of that too as a possible solution. Just have to keep an eye on what is going through the mains as far as FX and processing.

Oh, and distortion + compressor are only if run through mains, delay and reverb as well but can be applied and captured separately from the tracks using individual outs by routing the fx and not the voice to the mains…

IME, the easiest way to separate the combined voices is to duplicate those tracks in a DAW and edit the audio regions, muting one sound from the first copy and the second from the other. YMMV as always.

Ok, lets try…
You have these pairs of shared tracks (3-4, 9-10 and 11-12).
These shared tracks can only play one of the two sounds at a time.
But you can still program them to play at the same time.
In that case the right one will ‘choke’ the left one and you won’t hear that note.
But if you mute the right one then the left track won’t get choked and you will hear it.

So if you have overlapping notes on these ‘pairs’ you can get surprises when you record them separately.

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Plus in addition to this programming both sides of a shared voice on the same step can be interesting when you are using probability steps/fills. :ok_hand:


Hi folks, i have a question, i have a rytm with the channels separate in ableton through overbridge, but i want to separate the channels that are together like mid and high tom, highhat and openhat, rim and clap. i readed other post (but i didn’t find it) that is possible with the plugin of ableton utility, but i don’t know how i have to do it. Anybody knows how do it do?
thanks and regards

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