Analog RTYM just stops playing the sound but still plays sequenc

This just started randomly not playing sounds in the middle of a beat. Everything works except the sound when the sequencer is running . I can still play the samples with my fingers. I’m Not in Chain or Song mode and had this for over 3 months now and it’s never done this. Please help!

Check mute settings, track volume, sample/synth volume, trig mutes also can be an issue.
Also I suggest to mail tech support, since there might be a hardware failure with your unit. For example I had to send my unit back to Sweden since my AR just randomly freezes.

I have the sampe problem. Pls check that recording. The freezes are marked by coments. U can see it in the wave form as well. Any tips?

Fixed for me:

it was a plugin… “Elephant” Limiter.