Analog rytm + Analog Heat + Reaktor // ambient breakbeat

Tweaked reaktor preset for the drone / ambient part and analog rytm into analog heat for everything else. Only used samples on the RYTM, besides layering the noise engine with an 808 kick sample. Used the bitcrushing a lot, loads of pan parameter locks, used the filter a lot as well.



thank you :slight_smile:

very inspiring…
sounds great!

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Very cool! Dig it.

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Glad you guys like it :slight_smile:

Sounds great, just the kind of music I love to listen to at the moment.
Calm but highly rhythmic and weird at the same time - love it.

Is a full release available or in the works?

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My usual style is more ambient / hypnotic deep techno in the veins of northern electronics / avian etc…

The track I posted here I made super quickly, probably an hour, it’s just a single pattern and playing with mutes, filters, the trick is the evolving soundscape behind it. I have a few more patterns that could work for tracks similar to this one and making these ambient pads is really fun, so i’ll probably make a few more. Copping a digitakt when I get home from work today so i’ll probably post something with it this evening :slight_smile:

I like the ambients pads a lot. You make them with Reaktor blocs?
In this track, I like the smoothness of the pads and the harshness of the drums. Very nice!