Analog Rytm and Moog Sub 37

Can I just clarify something here. The Elektron FAQ says:

The Analog Rytm does not feature a MIDI sequencer, but the pads and the knobs send out MIDI data. The MIDI OUT port can be used to send MIDI clock and transport commands, handy when wanting to sync external gear to the Analog Rytm.

So, for example, if I have a pattern with a bassline on one of the tracks, and I would like to mute that track on the Rytm and have just that one track play on an external instrument like a Moog or TB3 instead, is that possible or not possible?

Those who say that it is not possible, then what is this musician doing in this video here, as it seems to be exactly what I want?

I am sorry for asking. I do own a Rytm, but I don’t own any other equipment it can be connected to. I am thinking of buying something else to do basslines which is why I am concerned about this.

Hi there - this is my video. The AR is only sending midi clock to the Moog, not midi notes. The bass line is programmed into the Moog sequencer itself, the AR only tells it to ‘start’. Hope that helps!


Hello @leighzi88
I also own Rytm and Sub37.
Can you go into more detail on the settings?
Specifically, how did you get the Sub37 sequence to start when pressing play on the Rytm?
I would think that a midi note would have to be held in order to start the sub37 sequence, no?
Or was the sub set to LATCH?
More info would be appreciated.

You just need to have the midi clock sending to the Sub 37, the sequence on the Sub 37 needs to be on obviously and also the sequence latch button. However one thing worth noting is that the first time you press play on the AR, for the Sub 37 sequence to play you need to hold down a note on the Sub 37 before pressing play on the AR, then anytime you stop and start after that it will play automatically.

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