Analog Rytm as main soundcard (and as a drum machine)

Hi folks, new here on this forum and recent user of Analog Rytm. I’ve been doing some research but haven’t find exactly what I was looking for.

Since my audio interface (Roland Octa-Capture) is giving me headaches and audio problems with El Capitan, and with the upcomming release of Overbridge 1.1 (El Capitan official support I’ve read somewhere) I though of selling it and using my Analog Rym as the main audio interface for live sets with Ableton.

So here it goes the stupid question: is it possible, while not overloading the USB bandwith, to use the AR as 3 channel output routing (for audio comming from Ableton, for example) with its TRS outs, while using the 4th one as its own “drum percussion output”?
As far as I’ve read in the manual, you can only redirect the percusions to MAIN L/R, not to an specific output, so I’d send it to Overbridge to redirect it back with Ableton to the 4th corresponding channel.

Is it a plausible set up, or it just can’t be done/will be a total mess? Any possible drawbacks, appart from the lack of dedicated outputs for each percussion?

question - must you absolutely use el capitan? I’d consider installing Mavericks or Yosemite long before counting on the future to unfold to my advantage…

But fwiw you can already send audio to the rytm’s indiouts via overbridge. However, using it as your only audio interface could be weird (all track settings would affect sound playback etc), but I guess that as long as you made a kit with your soundcard settings, it could work…

Thnx for the fast respone. Well I guess you did the right question, since El Capitan is becoming the source of all the audio-related problems, so I see I’ll have to install Yosemite again, at least in a partition just for playing live sets.

The audio playback hearing was one of my concerns, I’m gonna try the setup and tell here the results as soon as I have it all ready.

With my setup, audio via over bridge seems to wander around for ten seconds or so whenever I start the transport, until the latency drifts to around zero. This is not caused by clock drift since the analog outs are in sync perfectly. So I would only use overbridge as a sound card if i had let it “warm up” and get in sync with my DAW, and I would not stop/start the transport live, since this causes the latency to change unpredictably.
Also I would not use overbridge sync at all, since the jitter is unacceptable.
Maybe the next update will address these issues.

Well, the biggest problem i’ve encountered with using it is the big latency as a sound card. With 512 samples it was up to 50ms latency, so the only solution i found is to totally reinstall Yosemite and use again my main soundcard. Maybe in the next updates we get more routing capabilities, but with the high latency I find it useless for live performances. So well, I guess I’m going back to use it as a “normal” drum machine =)

I’m planning on doing the same and this is the latest thread I found, so here we go, necroposting!

Have things improved with the latest OS?

I’m planning of having the Blofeld go into my and the OT into the Rytm, which I would use as soundcard when and if needed.

I guess I would track the outputs of the AR into Live and the OT from the audio in channel on the AR.
Would that work?

Well with the new OS giving new route capabilities I’m actually using it as analog filters since I’ve moved to digital/Live setup using only Ableton and a midi controller as a mixer, so not to do all EQ and filtering digital I wanted to make use of the Analog Filters of the Rytm. I’m using another soundcard as 1 main output tho, but I think I could only use Analog as main soundcard.

I’m gonna check the latency tomorrow since it’s a bit late now, but I remember reading somewhere here they improved a lil with lastest updates, also making it more stable.

About the routing, I don’t exactly understand how you set up your live. Do you use Live (Ableton) alongside with OT and AR? The AR also as drum machine or would only be acting as sound card? After you specify it I can check how doable is your idea


I also would like to use my rhythm as main sound card on stage and got signal routing issues…
I would like the rytm output (after the mixer,dist and comp) to be transferred via over bridge, blended with audio on ableton in sync using the over bridge plugin, and throw back the mix directly to the rytm physical output using the audio interface functionality.
when i route the audio to over bridge i have do prevent all the voices to go directly to the physical main outs, but when i do this i can’t have the signal going to overbridge…

also found this post : it seems to work if you send the individual voices to over bridge but that is not what i want…
not sure to understand the issue here…