Analog Rytm Cuckoo Melodic Patch Collection "Analog Plays"

Hello everyone. I just want to brief you all that from now on, I will start rolling out all of my patches previously only available to my faithful monthly Patreon supporters – to my brand new online store as well.
Today I’m rolling out my melodic pack Analog Plays for the Analog Rytm in my store

This pack:

Thanks for all the amazing support and encouragement over the years!
You’re all awesome! X


Bought! Will give me some weekend entertainment!


You’re officially awesome! (and first!) Thanks!!


Thanks Cuckoo, purchased, well done.
Some great sounds in there and some things I would not have thought to do.
Its a great weekend for new AR sound packs.

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Cool big thanks mate!
I hope you find stuff you like in there!

Will you be adding some of your other packs to the store (A4/AK)?

Yes definitely!

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FYI I added my mail to follow you in the store but it came up with a 404 error.
Purchase went smoothly.



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Hm, that’s weird. It looks like most email addresses are coming through. It’s all handled by Gumroad.

Massive thanks, mate! I hope you find something useful in there!

I am really happy with my rytm now after having bought AR808, synthetics and now the cuckoo pack. Between these + my custom sounds, I find I can get most of the sounds I’m looking for in seconds, and then tweak to taste to make the sounds fit better in context. Since all these sounds are 100% synthesis, this approach completely avoids the headaches of careless sample spamming in projects :diddly:

Also, 512 sounds is very nice compared to just 128 samps (yeah I know I could use chains, but am to lazy lol)

YMMV as usual


Nice!!! Very inspiring sounds


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