Analog Rytm filter resolution?

Out of curiosity, does anyone know why the Analog Rytm filter controls (cut, res etc.) only have a 7-bit resolution (0-127)?

After getting an A4 to accompany my Rytm I quickly realized that A4 allows much more detailed control of the filters in comparison to Rytm (I’m assuming it’s a 14-bit or similar resolution for A4). Is this due to a hardware limitation on the Rytm’s side? Yet, the LFO depth control in Rytm is of higher resolution which is interesting…

Hmmm… Curious. My Rytm is lended to a friend, so I cant’t check. But is this really the case? Can you hear the stepping? Isn’t it only the numerical representation?

Are you talking about external control using midi cc compared to nrpn?

What I mean is that when you’re adjusting e.g. the CUT parameter in Rytm (either turning the actual physical knob or doing it in OB) you’re only adjusting the parameter in integer steps (0-127). In A4 you get much finer control as you can adjust the filters in 0.001 increments. As a result you can obviously hear some stepping during filter sweeps with Rytm, especially when using high resonance.



Again - no machine here, can’t test.

But I’m pretty sure that they are just numbers. I know that Elektron have talked about internal interpolation when turning the knobs. This is on the machine itself, though. Don’t know about OB. But 7 bit midi sounds strange.

Edit: 7 bit midi in case of OB was my point above.

Filter frequency control is indeed 7-bit on the RYTM compared with 14-bit on the A4/AK. See the MIDI tables in the back of the manual.

I can only speculate that this was set because the channel count on the AR is higher (ie. controlling 8 14bit MIDI CCs would consume too much midi bandwidth?) Would love 14bit cutoff values tho!

That’s how I see it too, although A4 seems to deal with 8 filters (1+1 per track) with 14 bit resolution just fine… Room for possible improvement in a future Rytm OS? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, this was asked just out of curiosity, I’m loving every bit of my Rytm regardless of this!

I dont think they are using midi at the basic level for parameters.

I think it is more a design-aspect for a drum-machine.

Well IMO MIDI aspects are most likely affecting alot since almost all parameters on the AR can be controlled by 7bit MIDI messages? What other reason would there be to shoehorn all params to a range of 0-127, even in the cases where such a range would be a bit impractical?

This is something that bothers me also…
It’s just not that “analogue” with only 127 steps of resolution.

Especially the attack values for the amp and filter… being a drum machine i’d really appreciate more resolution to control transients.
Attack values on the RYTM could use about a dozen steps between 0 and 1 imo.