Analog rytm going haywire

I just returned from 4 months on the road. My analog rytm was packed up in a hard case while I was gone. It worked perfectly for the first few hours. Now it makes a sound like an 8bit occilator that is out of control and nothing else will make a sound. All the lights and the pads seem to work, but have zero effect on the audio output. Some of the pads do flicker gently on the basic white pad page

The noise starts the second I power it up. I just updated the os and it didn’t help. Anyone have any problems like this before?

Try re-calibrating it.

Function + Global – System —> Calibration

If that does not work, backup your Drive/Patterns/Projects to your PC/Mac and then do a factory reset.

On switch + Function pressed simultaneously gives the factory menu.

Thanks for the quick response yuri! I just tried it. No dice. I’m afraid its hardware… Thanks for your effort.