Analog RYTM Master Sync to Ableton slave

Hi everyone,

I just recently got an Analog RYTM, which is great.

Yesterday, I managed to synchronise it to my Ableton live without any issue, but today, after reorganise all my studio I tried again and somehow it just won’t work !

I’ve read most of the topics out there about RYTM sync and couldn’t find anything close to my problem. The oddest part is that Ableton live seems to receive the STOP transport message when I hit the RYTM stop button (Ableton EXT sync upper square blinks) but nothing happens when I hit play ! So I end up not being able to start Ableton with the RYTM…

I of course checked that Clock Sync & Transport Send were activated on the RYTM but I’m obviously missing something here…

Also I’m not using overbridge, just the RYTM with standard USB MIDI mode.

Thanks a lot.


Using Rytm as clock master over USB is broken with the most recent OS. Still waiting on resolution for this ticket too.

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I’m still on 10.9.

And as I said, first time I plugged it to my computer after enabling “Clock send” + “Transport send”, it was working…

Even went through a full reset of the RYTM and still nothing…

Is there any chance that you were talking about the RYTM OS and not the computer’s ?

I just realised I indeed updated the firmware in between …

I’m pretty sure that’s what he is saying, haven’t tested this myself…

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Yeah, I meant the Rytm OS, projects created since the latest OS upgrade do not send sync over USB.

I’ve had a ticket in about this for months, with various responses, varying from “there will be a patch soon” to “roll back your Rytm/A4 OS”. None have been very satisfactory, I guess we have to wait until the next OB/OS mega-update that comes with Digitakt support. Stuff like this should be hotfixed, it’s crazy that you cannot use USB sync on their flagship analog machines.

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