Analog Rytm + Metal Muff Distortion

Hi guys,
i have an Electro Harmonix Metal Muff and i loooooove processing AR sounds through it.
Does anyone have suggestions for a better signal processing?
Left + Right…individual outs…cables and so on.
Thank you very much in advance :wink:

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Ideally you should get a reamper to go into the pedal but most often than not, going from AR straight into the pedal will work. Just keep levels low.

The issue will be going back into the AR since you will need to go through a DI/preamp since AR doesn’t have much gain in it. If you don’t currently have a DI/preamp in your soundcard that you can easily retrofit for this you could get an Art Tube MP on the cheap.

I’ve been exploring a bit useage of pedals (I have a couple now) and going straight into my MPC from my tech 30 XLR out is not super high fidelity. The reason being MPC’s gain is not stellar… it wasn’t really designed as a good preamp. Running my bass into a J48 using my ULN-2’s preamps sends into an octatrack gets you a pretty great sound! I need to see how the tech30’s XLR out getting preamped by the uln2 sounds.

I’ve also tried before running a mother 32 into a fulltone pedal and it is quite interesting… sort of a analog heat on the cheap? :slight_smile: But for better sound you then need a reamper and preamp and all that and all of a sudden analogue heat doesn’t look so expensive anymore. I find the joy of pedals is that there’s a ton of crazy shit out there to play with and some guitar players sometimes dump stuff for cheap. I haven’t been impressed w/ heat’s demos, at least nothing has come to the level of analog buttery of an elysia karacter… (and not having M/S was a terrible idea)

I’d love to hear what the metal muff does to your stuff, please share :slight_smile:

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Lovely man…really!!!thank you so much!that’s a very interesting solution…
by the way i’m trying to “simulate” Heat’s sound…and Metal Muff works great!!!
I think the same…playing with pedals is the best way to get into the experimental flow
Anyway, i think i’m gonna process both stereo AR signal and individual outs separately by Y cables…it should be a good idea especially for kick and snare.
I bought Metal Stuff 2 days ago so i’m just tweaking around on it right now but i hope to record something in the days ahead!
My music sounds like Radiohead, Moderat, Thom Yorke, Burial and so on…you know!I’ve been playing for 6 months…it’s a newborn project but you can find something here:

and here:
In Elektronauts media section you can also find my new song Subterræ - Your Number’s Up
Enjoy…and thank you!!!