Analog Rytm mk 2.. where have kits gone?

I worked on a couple of kits. saved them as kit 1 and kit 2 with a new project but didn’t actually write any patterns yet. next time I open the project the kits are not there. what’s happening? this makes no sense.

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read this thread from here for explanation and solutions


In the manual it says in section… 10.2.2 LOAD KIT
“Kits that are not associated with any pattern are distinguished by a star symbol after the kit name”…
so it should be possible to save kits that are not connected to a pattern.
I’m still none the wiser as to the reason why the two kits I made have disappeared from the new project. This is extremely frustrating.

I mean… your frustration aligns with what the thread says. The kits are tied to individual projects, not patterns. You created a new project (and not pattern), and therefore it has a new set of kits. If you create a new pattern within a project, you don’t get a new set of kits.

I agree that it is weird, and I wish kits were global, but unfortunately that’s not how they are implemented.

You can open a project, go to the kit menu, copy it, open a different project, open the kit menu, and paste it, but this is a kit by kit operation between projects.

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