Analog Rytm MK II + Octatrack Sampling Sounddesign Experiences

Dear Elektronauts,
I recently stumbled over the Analog Rytm and considered getting myself a used MKI Box. I work with an Octatrack and would love to do some sounddesign with the two boxes.

Heres the workflow I’d like to pursue:

  1. Take a drumsynth machine from the Rytm
  2. design a sample on the OT
  3. sample the creted sound from the OT into the Rytm, on top of the drumsynth machine

(Example: Create an analog Kickdrum on the Rytm and design a transient on the Octatrack and sample/resample the transient sample from the OT into the rytm gaining the desired kickdrum. )

I wasn’t sure if this workflow is possible with the MKI Box or if i need the MKII in order to do this?
Since I’m a student, a used MKI Box would be a much better budget option for me.
Maybe someone has worked with my pursued workflow and can share some experience OR if you have Ideas for different workflows for my desired outcome, which would be possible without sampling into the Rytm, I’d love to hear that aswell.

Stay safe and healthy and have a musical and nice start into 2022!


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Welcome to the forum!

The AR Mk I cannot sample directly - it can only load samples from a computer. The AR Mk II can sample directly.

What do you mean by “design a transient” - are you doing that already on your OT?


I’m not sure how involved this transient design process would be, but the AR has an impulse machine and a filter available on every track. That’s enough impulse design for me, personally. You might not need the OT at all.


Here’s an old (2014) yet related thread:

Thank you!
By designing a transient I mean layering sounds in general (in this case a kickdrum + a transient). I created some selfrecorded percussion/FX sounds which i like to layer on top of kicks or other drums to make them sound the way i want).
I like the drummachine sounds that come with the AR and pursue to layer the drumsounds inside the AR + play them inside the AR in order to gain more space on the OT tracks for sampling, since i often find myself running out of space for sampling after i designed multiple drums on the OT.

This is unclear.
On OT it’s easy to use resampling to gather on one track several layers (if this was what you meant).

For sound design, I would recommend A4 that is more precise e.g. on envelopes, that are to me the heart of percussions. A4+OT make a powerful combo.

The nice thing with AR mk2 is the possibility to sample and resample.
If you are not using long samples, AR mk2 might give you a more straightforward workflow than AR mk1 + OT combo.

AR mk1 + OT can be good as well, but without the trick above you would have to use the computer to transfer your samples, which kills the workflow IMO.

Give more details on your actual workflow and what you intend to do, advices will be more precise :wink:

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Transfer is super quick and you don´t have to go into usb mode like on the OT.

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I thought OP would like to sample AR and other layers in OT then transfer this in AR mk1. For such workflow, the computer is a must, which kills it imo.
On AR mk2, you would simply resample one machine into the other, probably with a dedicated wiring (eg OT cue out into AR mk2 sampling inputs) and it would be very fluid.
Even better, I don’t think you would need all these back and forth, in fact, as you could do all the sound design / sample layering within AR, in fact.

But maybe I just haven’t completely understood OP, my mind is not the clearest these days :wink:


Thanks for the advice!
I’ll try to clarify my current workflow and its limitations:

I think the ultimate goal fir my workflow is to have hands on sound design options on all the drums in my music production, while also being able to add up enough elements for a finished track, while being able to slightly modify each parameter individually to keep the listener engaged.
My current setup is the OT + Analog Four MK I + pedals & a bass synthesizer (SH101).

I use the OT to sequence Midi to both synthesizers + resample and modify recordings from the synthesizers with the OT as an effectbox.

There‘s 2 problems with my current workflow:

  1. Using up to 3 Thru machines for the synthesizers + 1-2 Flex machines to resample/record synth inputs + modify i often find myself limited with the remaining 3 Tracks for drums.
    On the OT I often resample multiple drums onto a single track (example: resampling a kick + HH + Snare from three individual tracks into 1 track as a drumloop) to gain space on the tracks i resampled.
    This leads to the problem that i cant modify/use effects on each individual drum (Kick/HH/Snare etc) anymore, but only on the complete drum loop track i resampled.
    I mainly produce techno, which is why small sound changes on each individual element throughout a track are essential for my music production. Having to resample multiple drums on a single track in order to gain space is a killer in this case.
    Also switching recording settings + switching parameter settings (Src, Amp etc.) to get the track ready for a new input kind of kills my workflow sometimes.

  2. I desire to have some sort of drumpads to play my drums manually by hand, since i feel like this is my most efficient way to get the drums sequenced and with the velocity etc i want. Also being hands on with drums would be great to have a quicker workflow.
    Thanks for helping me with my mess. Best

I see.

Then indeed a machine dedicated to drums could help…
Have you considered the Digitakt? I find it good to relieve OT from drums duty, plus it acts as a decent compressor, and sampling is easy…


I wasn’t sure about the digitakt because it does not have drumpads like the AR.
However, maybe selling my OT and buying a Digitakt + AR would be a good choice but im not sure…
Since the OT has no software that allows you to record all tracks at once into individual tracks of a daw (which the Digitakt can), it is limited if you desire it to be a main production device.
However, the crossfader + slicing + stereo sampling etc are very powerful sounddesign tools, which i don’t want to miss… And maybe if I want to do livesets once in a while, the OT can be part of my “small on the go live setup”.
Guess I’m just going to keep the OT and save some money for a Digitakt and maybe AR or another drummachine.
After a while I might be able to create an efficient workflow, which works for me :slight_smile:

DT and AR mk2 overlap a lot, in my mind.
Talking about recording all tracks at once, AR mk1 doesn’t do this flawlessly…

Keep your OT if you’re used to it, can’t really be replaced…
I was suggesting DT cause it’s an amazing box for the price. And if you have an A4, you can sample your analog percussions in DT.

But if you need to go for AR, go for AR: mk1 are rather cheap, still offer the sound, and you’ll make do with what you have, which already is a lot :wink:

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Thank you:)
I guess sticking to my current setup for a while might be a good idea since i’m far away from gaining the full potential.

Ultimately when i reached the full potential with my current setup I’ll know better which extensions might be useful.

All best!

I used my OT as drummachine, mixer/fx for Analog Keys other synths for a few years and bought an AR Mk1 last summer.

AR Mk1 and OT is pretty much a dream comno for me, it freed up drum/perc related tracks in my OT which I can now use for sampling/mangling all sorts of stuff.

AR sounds great imho, I’m doing all drums, percs and bass stuff in my AR, samples sound amazing through the AR overdrive, but anything beyond simple sample triggering/triggering looped samples I do in OT.

Ofc, resampling in AR saves times, but I knew I would hardly use it anyway. Sometimes I eq stuff and load it back into AR, but with Transfer that’s really quick n easy.

Also the cv inputs are very cool on the AR Mk2, you can do cool stuff with it like ducking tracks with the kick etc.

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How do you setup this exactly?
Do you have a pointer to a thread that details this?

You just set up negative modulation for amp volume, reverb level, filters etc. and send a trigger into the cv in which then turns down those parameters. IIRC even kick drums do work, so you could just go from the individual out into the cv in, but might depend on the waveform.

There’s this thread which later talks about the AR Mk2.

There’s this video, also A4, but the concept is the same.


I had missed this, thank you buddy!

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