Analog Rytm MK2 and Analog Four MK2 Perfomance knob

Is it possible to control Rytm mk2 and A4 mk2 using just one performance knob?
Rytm would be the master so I would use just RYTM performance knob for both

on mark1 devices it is possible:

should also work on mark2 devices.
i dont know, if the qperf knob sends its own midi message or if it sends the messages from all selected performance pads, or any message at all…

have a look at the manual, the midi messages are shown there… i think you need to set the encoder or pad destination to int + ext in the midi menu of rytm… and maybe also match the performance channels between a4 and ar…

edit: also use the search, there are topics about it already

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yes it looks like it is possible, I tried but not luck yet, I will do a deep search and see if I get any more infos… Nice 1

Aka the Mega Performance Knob of Doom :smile: