Analog rytm MK2 Cables for individual outs

Hi guys,

I have ordered a new mixer to accompany my AR MK2 so I can make use of the individual outs. Im hoping you can advise me what the best sort of cables to use would be? TIA

Manual, p. 12: “9. TRACK OUT. Individual drum voice outputs. Use either 1/4” mono phone plugs (unbalanced connection) or 1/4” (Tip/Ring/Sleeve) phone plugs (balanced connection).”


I bought these from Thomann: and I’m satisfied with them.

I would like to find something similar but shorter though for my current setup, I know they have a 3 m cable as well, but I was thinking more like 1.5 m. Please be advised that these are TS cables (unbalanced) and if you’ve experienced interference such as a buzz or hum from power lines before it would be wise to look for TRS (balanced) cables, but using a snake is really a blessing for the mind when it comes to cable madness.