Analog Rytm Mk2 pads break-in

Hey All

Just got my Rytm Mk2 yesterday and getting to grips with its workflow. The pads are quite firm and need a good whack to trigger at full velocity. I know from other threads folks talk about Rytm Mk1 pad breakin after a month or so … I assume this is true of the Mk2 even more so?

I am not getting buyers remorse or anything but would appreciate any feedback from Mk2 users here on how the pads soften over time or how one just gets used to playing them at the right pressure over time? As let’s face it …playing the keys or guitar fast for first time hurts the fingers or knuckle joints, so why should this be any different? I still remember the deep indents on my finger tips from acoustic guitar … or super sore wrist from bar chording a spanish guitar (that last one serves me right though :):joy:

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I have got one since November and no matter how hard you hit the pads are stiff- it is the way they have been designed

They are not like maschine pads I am afraid/ i write all my beats with the trig keys or an external keyboard and use pad only for muting/performances control


Thanks for that. Yes I figured that much … the main use of pads from mk1 afterall were the perf/scen/mute controls … finger drumming was more community ask? And without fundamentally changing architecture of machine for how to interact with perf/scen/mute controls … I guess the pads need to stay the way there are … I will work with that :slight_smile: I won’t be finger drumming that much … more just to define odd rhythms etc harder to attain without lots of step nudging and swing

I bought the Rytm more for its synthesis workflow and sample capability, as well as easier to activate controls than the octatrack …as I also play synth and sing … need those big baby toy pad buttons so I don’t accidentally fuck up like I did so many times on the OT ha

Turning off velocity to volume on the tracks you need full velocity will help. Tweaks can be made to a kit in that regard.


Ok will try that , cheers !