Analog Rytm MK2 tutorials

Does anyone out there know of a really good tutorial for the Rytm MK2?


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All functions are described well in the manual. What do YOU need to know?


Depends on the technique you’re looking for. Most rytm tuts are pretty core functionality type stuff not genre bits.

I have done 7 hours sounddesign tutorials for the Rytm, but only in german:



The Macprovideo tutorials (by Thadius Beck) are very good. I bought both the A4 and the AR2 video. The A4 was more in depth. The AR2 video doesn’t really show you how Song mode works, but if you’ve used any of the other Elektron big box machines, you already know how Song mode works.

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maybe it is not about what to learn,
but more about how to learn

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Yeah. I read the manual and maybe I’m just overthinking it. I just want my hand held because it seems like so much at this point. LOL. In truth I haven’t had too much time to really delve but some of that has freed up for me now and I thought a good comprehensive tutorial would be helpful in jumpstarting me. I’m sadly behind on the tech aspect of music and so I’m not as savvy as many of you.


DAMMIT!!! Curse my linguistic limitations!!!

yeah a good course in depth, on sound design, would be great. (not in german)

I thought @cuckoomusic was going to do one?

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I learn a lot About sound design from a randomizer
I used to do this from an iPad app
But now my 5 yr old son is my analog randomizer

For me sound design is a design process of diverging and converging
It is about brainstorming and decision making