Analog Rytm mk2 Volume and Pan Drift

Hi - I don’t know if anyone else has experienced random master volume or pan drift?

I though I was imagining it at first, but my AR master volume seems to drift up and down without being prompted via the controls or by any LFO setting or similar functionality that could cause this. I am also having similar issues with the panning of all voices.

I. thought it was my hearing, but it’s definitely doing it. I don’t seem to have this problem when using AR with OB, so am concerned it may be an issue with the analog master output.

I’ll raise a ticket, but just wanted to know if anyone had experienced anything similar?


The analog compressor/distortion can raise the noise-floor quite a bit, and not symmetrically, especially when audio in the right channel differs from the left. Even without instruments playing, the analog inputs could exhibit some disparity. This is probably not a fault in your unit.

How much does the volume “drift?”
What’s the issue with regards to panning?
Do you notice the PAN parameter value change at all?

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Hi - thanks for your reply. I’ve checked the settings you’ve mentioned and there’s nothing going on there from what I can see.

The volume can dip say 30% + after maybe 10 mins of playing, then it may creep back up a few mins later. Sometimes if I just restart the machine it is them fine.

With the panning, it always seems to drop to the left, almost completely, then exhibits the same behaviour as the volume in that it may creep back, but usually needs to be a restart to get it back to normal. The PAN graphic stays in the centre during these issues.

I’ve had an ARmk1 for 2 years and ARmk2 for over a year and I’ve never heard this issue before now - I’m no expert, but understand the machine fairly well, so can’t see why it would be doing this.

I think I’ve sourced where the real issue is - it may be my UA Apollo interface. I’ve logged a tech support call with them, so hope it will get resolved.