Analog Rytm MKII Limiting Tracks?

I use overbridge to divide by tracks and I noticed that when I put the AMP VOLUME > 80 in the BD for example, the GAIN in the channel does not go higher that certain fixed level. This made me suspect of the AR using a limiter.

Then I put PRO-L 2 limiter just to monitor the sound shape and by my surprise it seems that is being trimmed for volumes from 80 to 127 !!

I noticed a similar behavior on other tracks. This means that we shouldn´t use high volumes on the tracks or we will loose dynamic range ??

Someone can please explain? I am a little bit confused.

In the picture first I put VOL=80 and then VOL=127.

…have you checked the compressor on the AR?

Its completely disabled as it does not affect the separate tracks only master FX in overbridge mode.

When using AMP=127 and track level >95 I get the same trimming. I have no other device on the Ableton channel. Only a utility for gain reduction.

if it’s like the Analog Four, they allow you to overdrive some parts of the analog stage. (e.g. oscillator levels 100ish to 127 intentionally saturate the filter some). maybe that’s a factor, idk.

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What do you mean? Isn´t this supposed to add only transcients when using overdrive ?
This another example of what happens before and after passing the AMP=100 , the kick drum gets limited

I vaguely remember reading that 100 was max unsaturated volume.
But maybe that was for A4 oscillator level.
And maybe that was 75 or something. :thinking:🫠

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Actually that’s somewhere around 60 or so on the A4. :nerd_face:

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Are we talking amp volume here?

In my mind, the sample/synth level combined with drive (on the amp page) determine how hard the filter is driven. This might cause some limiting.

The amp vol comes after the filter, and (if I remember correctly) combined with the track level determines how hard you drive the master fx (comp/dist). I think this could again lead to some limiting.

Maybe try to change the levels on all those steps and see which one causes the limiting?

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This is typically how analog circuits behave. It isn’t necessarily a “limiter” but the physical circuit will limit the headroom at a point. Gain staging plays a major roll in both tone and dynamics with analog synths!


Let’s add that such saturation or non-linear response are the kind of artefacts you generally want an analog device for.