Analog Rytm MkII - Pattern View Mode on trigs?

Is there a way to have the 16 patterns’ status/selection permanently display on the trigs without having to select the bank and select the pattern?
So a pattern view mode??

(Apologies if this is obvious/basic… I did search…)

No, pretty sure you can’t,
you can use overbridge and a midi keyboard to change patterns though

Ahh, ok… OB not an option as it’s for running in a dawless setup.
It’d work fine if it just gave an option for longer periods of time from hitting the bank button.

I find that when I have the parts set up in the AR, the main trigs aren’t used much when it comes to performance, and it would be really handy to see which pattern is ON at a glance and be able to change it fast as a performance tool.

They give ya roughly 2 bars to pick a pattern that’s usually plenty. The old Octatrack os before 1.40 only gave you 3 seconds, lol.

A work around is to set up a pattern chain, turn off chain mode Then you can hold chain to highlight the pattern you’re looking to move to which can be several banks away if you want. Hit yes when you’re ready to move to it and it will cue it up. I discovered this technique on accident but could be useful if you’re having issue getting patterns pulled up in time.

I should note I’ve only tried this on my A4mkii but the analogs function in pretty similar ways so I reckon it will work.


I’m probably missing something related to you using it in performance mode with pattern chains (which I don’t do often)… but isn’t the active pattern displayed at the bottom of the screen?

When you’re in the heat of battle, changing the world through the power of beats and just need to switch from pattern 1 to 2 quickly, who has time to read a little screen read out?? :upside_down_face:

I know… I know how to use it as is, would’ve been nice to see it like this, particularly with the AR.
I tend to work with one or two tracks(songs) per bank and start my main patterns on 5 ( and 9), then piece pattern variations either side… I know I can see it how I want to if I hold the bank button down, but if I’m working on one of my other units it’d be great to see where the AR is quickly and change it with one hit.
A man can but dream.

ah, so it’s more of a situation where you’re a few feet away and can’t see the screen or something… I can understand that.

maybe control pattern changes via a midi controller that has a digital display? it would always show you what pattern you’re on then.

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I am thinking of adding a Faderfox to my set up, maybe I can use that for the pattern changing…:v: