Analog Rytm One to One training

Working with the Rytm has made me reconsider the most ideal way for me to learn. I’ve read everything and watched all that I could find, but I’m clear that a one to one scenario wherein I could ask questions in real time and get answers would be fantastic . Does that exist? And forgive me if the reference to compensation or money is inappropriate here- but that’s where I’m at. A paid service, if only for a few hours I think would go a long way. Again, if that inquiry is not ok, I’m using the ‘I’m new’ excuse. Thanks in advance, Zach

Have you tried a 1 on 1 with the machine and just lost all preconceptions and experimented with it? All the questions will be answered with devoted time, nobody can tell you how to use it to you’re individual needs.


no doubt you’re ofcourse right. I just want it to love me like I love it.

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