Analog Rytm Wins! Share your story!

I have been trying to get drum sounds I am truly happy with & this occurred for the first time for me with the Rytm.

Other things I love: Outstanding drum sounds inside, endless editing to create new sounds, Sampling, able to use FX on samples, blend AR drums & samples, killer filters, great reverb, delay, compression, distortion, great supportive community (thanks all Elektraonauts), great tutorials (thanks Cuckoo & everyone else), Elektrons 3 year warranty, upgrades, sample packs,+ + + + + + + + + + + +

I am presently loving the Ragamuffin kit enhanced by my samples (toms & cymbals).

Some of my drum sound journey: Roland XP50, Yamaha DT Xpress, acoustic kits, Yamaha Motif es, Boss DR-880, Yamaha MoX6, Korg Electribe 2 sampler, Roland SP404SX, & finally Elektron Analog Rytm!

The past 6 months I turned to samplers as the brain for my Yamaha DT Xpress e-kit after realizing my Boss DR-880 was never going to make me happy, even though there are some great things about it.

Korg electribe 2 sampler- really great machine, real good FB community, but the deal breaker was nowhere near enough memory to work for me.

Roland SP404SX- uses sd cards so sample time is literally endless. The deal breaker was latency triggering my e-kit.

Going through the Korg & Roland samplers is where Elektron crashed into my world.

I also dreamed of owning a DSI Tempest since it came out but never had the extra funds. Moog + DSI = wOw!!

Leads me to endless reading, videos, etc. on the Tempest, & Elektrons. Learned the Tempest wouldn’t give me the natural sounds I needed.

I learn what a solid company Elektron is for quality, service, upgrades, & many, many happy & loyal customers. That is very significant in these days.

Finally the common question of Octatrack or Rytm. As I said, I love many of the AR internal sounds, it’s much newer, and analog aspects.

Would like to hear why & how others fell in love with Elektron. :slight_smile:

I especially like:

[li]The sequencer (microtiming, shifting events left/right, plocks, performance controls)[/li]
[li]The sample player (performance-controlling the sample number and/or start/end points are some of my favourite things, glitch/bleep heaven)[/li]
[li]The overall performance oriented nature of this box (very useful for recording audio without having to sequence everything)[/li]

Originally I bought the AR for drum synthesis, with the option to layer samples on top.

1,5 years later I use it as a creative sample player with the option to layer analog sounds for some extra beef :slight_smile:

I originally impulse-bought the AR because I wasn’t happy with my mfb522’s hi-hats. 1,5 years later I am using it for all kinds of sounds (85% synthesis 15% samps), and I am pretty sure I could use it as my only synth/tonegen for making music. I don’t think I’ve yet even found all the tricks you can do with it, a deep system… Elektron seems to have a knack for making gear that grows on you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really like the sequencer, specially now with the trig conditions, makes things almost too easy!

With my Octatrack i used my jomox (sequenced). The drums always felt to rough for me… and to static… i was always more in composing melodies and sounds… beats always was a long painful programming thing, so i mostly recorded live drums… Then i tested the AR for 2 hours in a store… amazing experience and well know workflow (due to learning the Octa before)…

Now i love to use the AR extensively with varying trig-parameters… my favorite is for sure length/decay and volume… the quantisize perfectly keeps the flow of liveplaying but adds perfect timing when needed… i love the dark, voluminous sound of the BT and SD… since the SDS-Tool using samples is just pure and easy fun…

with OB now, i quickly produce a whole live session in 20 minutes with separated tracks and its gorgeous to than mix and arrange it into a track… (altough it at the moment just works on ableton… i then export to cubase to not get stuck in 4/4 Loops while arranging)

once you get the elektron workflow, this machine grows and grows everyday…

next stop will be playing more livesession with OT and AR clocked by a rc-300 of a violin player… love to see what comes out…

together with the OP-1, Elektron gear is the most inspiring tool to get creative and stop looking at screens

Before creating the following track, I dropped several low-quality shitty-phone-originated samples in the AR.

I had tried them within the OT a few months before, without success.
Now with the AR the reversed guitar sample became a choir !
All I was left to do was dropping a few beats on this.
And a massive dub bass line.
It felt so natural at that time.
Nothing was written in advance, I was playing in real time my instrument, and it felt so great !

Today I use samples together with synthesis and play on the balance to get evolving sounds…
Really :heart: the Rytm.