Analog Rytm with external midi clock

I have an analog rytm and have latency problems. If i buy an external midi clock such as er-m multiclock when i sync it with the analog rytm, i have to record it vía audio? Or i can use overbridge to split the channels and have a tight sync?


From my experience OB was never able to provide fast-enough audio for me to use the plugin without direct monitoring. Even with delay compensation and small buffer it doesn’t work. So I ended up enabling the inputs and just listening to whatever the RYTM does from the direct input (before ADC) and while it’s not optimal it works. Never had sync issues with a standard midi cable coming out from my interface. Transport and CC work fine. Are you sure it’s a MIDI issue?

Use my RYTM with ableton with 100% sync.
Only cable apart from power coming out of my RYTM is the USB cable.
Overbridge works flawless for me, perfect sync, never had a dropout.
Same experience with AK

I’ve tried everything and when i record all tracks from overbridge to audio every track has delay problems. So I am planning to buy an ERM multiclock for tight syncing Also with muy roland tr8 that i am having problems too. But muy question is , when i sync with the external clock can i use overbridge to route channels so i can have the kick appart from hats, snares, etc?