Analoge send midi to logic

Hi I have a questions for Analog keys

I’d like to know if the step sequencer midi notes of a track can be sent with midi out to logic 9 ?


You can use the Keys as a MIDI controller but not as a MIDI sequencer.

The AK’s step sequencer is in essence a CV sequencer, not a MIDI sequencer. So while you can use the MIDI ext mode to control MIDI devices in real time with the keys, knobs, and joystick, you can’t get the sequencer data transmitting over MIDI.

Are you any good with Logic?
I’m having trouble with count in before recording.
The RYTM will start its pattern before the count in is done unless I start the recording at the first bar of the project (if that makes sense).

thanks for your replay , very helpful
Just got back from a long break , cant wait to get my hands on the AK :slight_smile: