Analogue 4 mk2 sequencer play modes and ratcheting

hi , im really new the the Analogue 4 mk2, so i might have missed some bits so far


is there any play order modes on the sequencer - like reverse, ping pong? also can you create ratcheting or fast nor re triggers?

No for the first. For the second, there are workarounds.

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i guess adding extra notes then — micro timing?

there is a re trigger option per note, but i think is based on the envelopes or lfo re trigger

or LFO as suggested in the post

Microtiming will work if you aren’t using the neighbouring trigs and you want only one or two repeats. Otherwise, yes, the LFO. You could also use the arp (on a separate p-locked sound).

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cool ill give it a go

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i tried it using an LFO modulating the AMP volume - interesting