Annoying to navigate this forum

is there a way i can be taken to the “most recent post” when i click on a thread instead of the 1st post?

or can the thread pages be displayed under the thread titles in the ‘recent activity’ area so i can just click on what page i want to go to w/o having to click around so much?

it’s like menu diving around here… this forum shouldn’t be like an FS1r

i also agree it needs a few options along these access usability lines ! +1

obviously when you subscribe to a thread you can click through to the first unread post, but that’s not what you mean i guess

agreed. most threads are contributed to by just a few people, definitely less than those who read it without commenting. this means those who are making the contributions are constantly having to ‘menu dive’ as you put it from the first page to the most current one.

also the side bar that shows the current active threads should be available whilst you are browsing a thread, not just the forums.

and a PM button should be available under a person’s profile name, you shouldn’t have to open their profile first. more frickin menu diving.

and the DEFAULT behaviour should be that receiving a PM sends an email notification, it’s not something that should have to be activated. it’s ass backwards from what is the forum norm, so I suspect people forget or neglect to activate it. that’s quite annoying, there’s definitely a couple people in the market place missing out on selling their gear because they don’t realise they have a PM in their inbox.

the ‘beta testers’ for this forum were really slacking, I hope they weren’t just blowing smoke up some html chap’s ass the whole time. the html guy should have asked at least a couple malcontents to help beta-test.

last post sortijg would be great. I.actually thought that this is kind of basic forum functionality in these days, also the possibility to use tapatalk
via a mobile device would be appreciated .

I hadn’t visited Elektron-Users for a while, then came back to find everything had moved here Am a bit surprised by the switch, as I find this environment constrained and not very useful

Can someone clue me in to why Elektron moved to this BB format?

Have you considered buying a kitchen lately?