Ann's Tweed - an interesting Faderfox alternative? (UK)

Found this interesting company, they make synth dust covers, MIDI controllers, and, uh, tweed bags: MIDI Controllers – Ann's Tweed

Could be an interesting affordable alternative to Faderfox, as they appear to have DIN MIDI out on them.


Seems rather basic compared to faderfox but if those few controls are just what you need it could be nice.

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I don’t know about the midi controllers, but their synth covers are spot on

I’m mildly disappointed that they aren’t in a tweed covered enclosure

Disappointment is easing now I’ve read they’re in Burnley, just up the road :+1:


Nice, I have had a couple of covers but didn’t know they started selling controllers. Think I’m gonna grab one.

Tweed midi controllers would sell like hot buns.
Missing a trick they are.


Even tweed synth covers…

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Especially with some soft keys…

how about tweed knob covers…

then you can be accused of tweedling your knobs