Anolog heat help!

Hi there, I’m new to the forum hope everybody is good :slight_smile:
Ok so I have just recently purchased AH and started to test it out.Got my head around
sorting it out with the updates and getting it to talk to Overbridge. At first I was using heat
as my soundcard but project Tempo is Cubase was all of the place seemed to be like 20 bpm
quicker or something mad.Ok so I switched back to my virus Ti as soundcard now back to
normal.Also i noticed I can only use 1 AH vst per session.When I try to load on another vst to
channel or group it shows signal but no sound and says communication error?Has anybody
else had this issue with the tempo and the vst???


Of course you can only load one VST per session unless you have more than one Heat!

Haven’t experienced similar tempo issues, hopefully someone else can help you with that

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Thanks for your reply.I was kind of hoping that you could load more than 1 heat
per session :frowning:
So basically you would need to save the preset after some processing then remove heat from that
channel and put on another channel to process something else.And if you need
heat back to original channel you was working then you can recall the preset
basically? Any other suggestions would be appreciated

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No, that’s pretty much it, but of course when you come to render your whole track you can still only have the Heat on one channel. What I do is resample the tracks with the Heat on one at a time. If I want to process multiple channels with the same Heat settings I create a Bus with the Heat on and send those channels to that Bus.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing to either render out or on a group
channel.Sometimes I might want to come back to a sound to tweak the
preset or do some more automation(Mainly bass) but i suppose if i save project every time
I want change heat (or save preset) and want to put it on something else then I can open my saved version
previous and go back this should also work do you think?

Much appreciated