Any advice on the best quality/price turntables?

I thought I might ask here! I’m looking to get some quality turntables like the CDJ’s with a USB function. The ones from Pioneer are soo insanely priced and I’m mainly looking for some turntables to learn beatmatching on and which translate well to the ones being used in the clubs, pioneers.

Out of conveniency it would be nice if I can plug in my USB or connect them to my PC so I can play the music from there instead of burning all music on CD’s. Kinda a waste too.


are you sure pioneer turntables are used in clubs? AFAIK their feedback sensitivity is really weak… Not a problem at home but pretty big problem at a bigger club with big PA’s.

If you’re not interested in turntablism, I’d say most direct drive turntables should do it. Technics is by far the most used turntable at the clubs, but I see no reason why you couldn’t make do with older vestax or stanton tables if you’re just learning.

You can connect any turntable to your PC via DVS. So then the big question becomes “which DVS system should I start using?” which is a whole nother thread into itself!

I suggest you read up on discussions, plenty of knowledge and helpful people over there.

ah sorry I mean the digital ones… In my language its the same translation :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I see Pioneer calls them digital DJ decks :slight_smile:

CDJs? Ahh okay then. I’d say you’d be cheaper off with a DJ controller with jogwheels (and rekordbox app), but if you insist on not using software, I’d just get a cheap CDJ pair second hand. The venerable CDJ 1000 can be bought quite cheaply second hand, and those are the grandaddy’s of the contemporary CDJs so your skills should translate OK.

One more thought regarding the matter - you might want to invest into something that is rekorbox compatible. That way, the same cuepoints and metadata you use at home can be used at the club.

Buy used, older model CDJs