Any basic tutorial för AR?

I think it is really hard to learn how to program the AR. So i really need a basic tutorial.

what specifically are you struggling with, just ask, or search forum … !

Thanx! :+1:

For me, even the linked basic tutorials were initially hard to warp my mind around. What helped was to sit down in front of the AR with the manual open, and then read it front to back, trying out everything that was explained even if I didn’t fully “get it”. And then doing it again. The machine comes with presets and a sample project, so stuff like scenes and performances can be played with and then “investigated” (by editing them).

I also wrote down questions that popped up, or things I wondered about (really trivial or obvious stuff like, “How do I copy a kit?” and “Can I only use one kit for each pattern?”), and then googled or searched the manual for answers.

After this, the videos made more sense to me. It’s a bit of a rough road for me too since this is my first Elektron box (and really my first piece of hardware of this kind), but sticking with it and regularly using it helps quite a bit. :slight_smile: Every time I sit down with it, I seem to have another of those “Aha!” kind of moments.