Any Nauts doing Down Tempo stuff (below 110 bpm)?

Down Tempo dance music is getting more popular in Berlin, Brazil, and some other places at the moment.
I’ve fallen victim to it too:

Now I’m wondering whether there’s anybody else on here :slight_smile:


My stuff is between 90 and 110 bpm in most cases :slight_smile:


i just try to stay away from 120bpm :wink: though it can be a good speed too. i decide from track to track, could be any tempo.
but to be honest, if i´d do a set ment for dancing i´d propably go faster.

Damn, I’m always behind the trends. I just started a project at 150 bpm! :laughing:

oh. I missed the word “dance”. Then I’m out :grin:

What a coincidence! I just recorded this last night set at 41.6BPM


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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most of my stuff is downtempo dubby stuff:


The track sits around 70bpm with the drums roughly double that.

This is good - just saw Mark Farina lately and he kept it right about this tempo. I stick in this tempo mostly for hip hop dance stuff. ‘Downtempo’ to me usually means slower more trip-hop type stuff. edit: and the mix promptly takes a more down-tempo turn ;]

Care to elaborate on the process? Its a great mix.

sounds good - like old Soul II Soul

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Mushroom Jazz records are still in my record bag that I take to all my DJ gigs.


I really like 110 bpm

I’ve been incorporating these old drafts into a new set with new material that is mostly at 73 bpm, but towards the end of the set it get’s doubled and sped up.
Working on getting new stuff out soon.


Thanks, I put quite a bit of effort into it so nice to hear some positive feedback :slight_smile: Though reading back on the op it may not quite be dance music but I did funk it up with some drum and bass:slight_smile:

Years ago I got Jon Secada and Jon Tejada mixed up - I thought ‘damn, this fella really got creative and underground with his style!’


super good dude

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54 bpm

thank you!

things I write is usually between 95-110 bpm, with the occasional 70 offshooter haha


I like to hang out between 66-88bpm.