Any silent guitar users here ? // Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG 200 NW Natural Nylon


My wife is giving me a new guitar ( :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ) and I am looking into a silent guitar for nightly episodes, travelling and easy connection to fx and samplers (SP404 and OT).

Looking for a little feedback. Somebody is already using one of these?


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Used and loved it back then.

needed to get used to the thin body (only had classical guitars before), though… it’s a bit of a different hand position.

Sold all my guitars when i started going down the Electronic Music hole, but the one that will be remembered is the Yamaha silent guitar.

So Yeah, you can look forward to receiving it and i think you won’t be dissapointed.


Its a good alternative if you need a portable and silent Acoustic guitar. If you were looking for an electric guitar sound I think there are better options out there since they dont need to be ‘silent’ and they are already portable/affordable as they are.

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Yes I still have an el guitar and amp but they collect dust, only play my classical guitar. I start around 23:00H or so with a glas of red wine or a Belgian beer. The thing is, I often get too loud for the time I am able to play.

So silent guitar is a good thing

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How did your house turn out? I remember seeing some construction pictures a while back.

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Not ready but close, done for 2018 though! Still, my gear is packed away, too much to do, but time will come!



Looking great. Congrats!

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Thanks! Can’t wait to rebuild the music room next year :wink: