Any tips for folder/library organisation?

From prior experience with other systems (Push and Maschine), I’ve learned that it really pays to be strategic and deliberate about your sample organisation and folder hierarchy. Nothing sucks more than developing a system, only to realise that you should have done it differently. :grimacing:

Any pro tips on organisation/naming/folder hierarchies /tagging that the more experienced Digitakt users on the forum would be kind enough to share? :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks in advance! :v:

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When you realize you should have organized your samples differently, just reorganize them :slight_smile: nothing should break. One great thing about the DT is that you can move samples around and rename them, and everything will keep working. Samples are not identified by their path but by (a hash of) their content.


I organize samples by type. All kicks together, all snares together, etc. For sounds, just remember to use the tags.


Oh, wow - I didn’t realise that. That’s awesome!

So just a big folder of kicks?

You don’t sub-categorise them into types at all? Or even from which source they are from? (Ie. drum machine, sample pack name etc etc)

Thanks for the answers so far btw. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just trying to get my workflow super tight right from the get go of using the DT. Sample, project and sound management is a big part of that.

Sorry, forgot to reply.

The names of the samples may have some descriptive text but not necessarily. The only times I want a descriptive text is whether or not it’s from a specific drum machine (eg 808/909). But things like kit names or made up names don’t mean much to me.

Hmmm…I’ve currently been importing stuff, and keeping the sub folders from which they originate.

It means that I know the approximate style of the sounds that are within each folder, it it’s a bit more menu diving into sub-menus.


Given the limited storage on the DT, I’m seriously considering just being VERY selective with my sample choices, and keeping folders that have mixed and matched samples from different sources - but are all things that I’m almost certain to use… I guess it would be a hand picked, ‘curated’ selection.

Just, as you say, have top level folders of Kicks, Snares, etc etc - but hand picked, vs. just bulk importing sample packs and so forth.

Keen to hear how other people have been approaching their sample organisation. Any tips are appreciated - especially before I get to deep into making tracks on the DT, and then decide to change my folder heirachy! :grimacing:

For drum samples, I prefer to organize them by source or kit. For example, I have /Drums/808, and inside I have samples with names like BD1, BD2, SD1, SD2…, HH, OH, CY, etc (trying to follow the naming convention used in DT factory samples which I like)

Is there a way to have one folder of samples assigned to each button? So all my kicks in one folder and that folder just assigned to the kick button? I can only see how to assign samples at the project level.

The digitakt doesn’t function like that. Would be cool though.

So the quickest way is to have them all in one folder then scroll through them all?

I have a mix of these strategies top level stuff - bass / loops / FX / Kick / snare / vocal / etc but then I also have a kits folder - 808 / 909 / Dr-110 / Triton (with subkits - distorted / hiphop/ natural /etc. it’s really whatever method your brain likes that lets you find stuff quickly and efficiently. Scrolling through 790 kicks and then 934 snares just doesn’t work for me.

Oh also that reminded me of newish software that analyzes and detects types of sounds and groups them. You can pick through similar types and tone or key and stuff like that. I was always interested in getting a good solid group of percussion samples that fit my tastes and exporting and sorting them into my desired structure. This way you have only sounds you like and will use. But then again having sounds you don’t usually use can be idea fodder.