Any way to do motion recording on the Model:Samples?

On many KORG instruments, such as the Volcas, you can record knob movements into the sequencer, and play them back. They call this ‘motion recording’. Is there any way to do this or something similar with the Model:Samples?

What I’m finding is that you can do a similar type of think with clever use of p-locks and/or the LFO, but it isn’t as quick and immediate. The p-lock method makes for a more staccato transition, because the knob movements jump from one value to the next. The LFO makes for a nice smooth transition, but lacks precise control (you would really have to go into the weeds with start phase, etc., to be precise with it, and that’s a lot of work).

I love the Model:Samples for most things, but I find that I do miss the simplicity of motion recording.

Just go into live record mode and twiddle away! Works on cycles so I assume samples is the same.


Yep, exactly as @artishard116 said - if you enter any recording mode and change parameters you should see it reflected in the pattern recording. For future reference and googleability, you might also see this referred to as “automation recording”.

Of course, thanks so much! Had a feeling it was something simple I was overlooking. Live record is the key I was missing.