Any way to rename sounds aside from the grid typing?

Just checking if there is a faster way of renaming sounds? trying to tidy up my beloved Digitone and it is really slow to rename all my misc sounds :frowning:

You can rename them inside Transfer
[edit] sorry just checked this, i was sure you could but nope

Thanks but yes, seems they can’t be renamed anywhere aside from on the machine :pleading_face:

What about using Transfer to get the Sounds onto your PC or Mac. Then rename them there, delete the originals on the Digitone and transfer the renamed versions back?

Convoluted, but might still be quicker than using the machine to do it all.

Seems a shame you can’t rename directly with Transfer. This and other general housekeeping stuff would be really handy - hopefully might come at some point.

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I thought it could be done in Overbridge? I may be wrong, haven’t touched OB since it was released.

Unfortunately not, would be a much appreciated addition!

Still no way to rename sounds aside from on the machine? Seems a bit silly that we still can’t do this using the Transfer App :sleepy:


Still no way no way to do this aside from the grid type method?